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Hand held Strimmer - Brush cutter

Courses are delivered to give the candidate the knowledge & practical skill to acheive certificates of competence by assessment by bodies such as NPTC City & Guilds.

Nptc City  Guilds LogoCourse Fees £175.00+ vat. 1 Day course including assessment

Awarded certificates of competence are widely recognised by both sector employers and the health & safety executive.

Training relevant to the use of hand held powered strimmers specifically a course often required in commercial application for anyone who is required to operate this machine type. such as grounds maintenance,amentiy grss cutting , roadside verge maintance, site clearance and weed control.

Content of the Strimmer - Brush cutter course

Perform routine maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s handbook.

Iidentify faults and defects on a  brushcutter / strimmer and where practical rectify these.

Knowledge of the routes to maintenance outside the candidates skills range and which defect should be referred to a repair engineer.

Identifying and selecting suitable cutting heads for the relevant operating conditions and carrying out fuelling correctly.

Start the brushcutter / strimmer from both a warm and a cold conditions in a safe manner.

Operate the brushcutter / strimmer in a safe manner taking into consideration other persons such as work collegues or passers by.

Operational considerations to property.

Environmental factors that maybe impacted by the works undertaken.

Plan working operations.

Use of the equipment to ensure correct adjustments are carried out where required.

Demonstrate knowlegde and comply with safety and legal requirements of the use of a brush cutter / strimmer.

Emphasis with remain on safe working practices placing of sufficent warning signs and guards.

Identify and use the correct protective clothing.

Brushcutter 2 days duration for new operators and 1 day for experienced operators.

Strimmers: 1 day duration

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Courses are delivered to give the candidate the knowledge & practical skill to achieve certificates of competence by assessment by bodies such as NPTC City & Guilds.

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